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5h Quad Tour to Teide

Drive a Quad all the way to the Mount Teide! This tour is filled with excitement and fun.

You also get to experience first-class Canarian cuisine that excites your tastes buds, leaving you wanting more.
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Enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes and sceneries on your way up the volcano! Discover and explore the dazzling faunas and forest of the beautiful island of Tenerife and Teide Park!

We enable you to enjoy the amazing charms of Tenerife. From exploring the forest to riding the quad to mount Teide, we guarantee you and your loved ones a mind-blowing experience that will linger in your memories for years to come.

It doesn’t end here! You also enjoy the rich taste of locally-made Canarian food and tapas.  It’s fun all the way!

About Quads4Fun

Quads4Fun is a Quad Adventure company in Tenerife that aims to offer riders exclusive access to remote trails, secluded vilages and off road terrain located in Tenerife.

We have put together 9 Quad Tours in Tenerife that combine gently graded forest trails with spectacular ocean scenery giving you a taste of the the wilderness of Tenerife at a slow speed comfortable for everyone!

Our Quad Excursions in Tenerife take you through an all-exciting and awe-inspiring journey to one of the most spectacular locations in Spain.

Our professional tour guides know the forest, mountains, and routes like the back of their hands. All our quad tours are made under their supervision, providing you with the most exceptional exploration of Tenerife.

Our Quad Tours in Tenerife are designed for everyone, from experienced quad riders to beginners. No matter your experience, age or riding skill, you can expect a thrilling adventure!

For maximum excitement during your Quad Trip, our groups are small with a maximum of 5 quads. We also offer fully-automated Quad vehicles from Suzuki and Polaris, so you only have to accelerate and brake. Our Quad vehicles are at least 500cc and provide maximum comfort to both passenger and driver.

Capping it all is the opportunity to experience the finest of Canarian cuisines. With carefully selected restaurants preparing mouth-watering dishes, our Quad Tours in Tenerife leave you basking in gastroenteritis nostalgia for years.

What are you waiting for? Join us and have fun!

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Ride above the clouds!

Drive through virgin pine forests, lava fields, off the beaten tracks and secluded villages.

Once above the clouds you will enjoy endless views of the surrounding islands and ocean.

Taste the local cuisine

Selected Quad Tours will stop at some of our favorite restaurants where we have prepared lunch and dinner menus for the riders.