Tenerife Quad Tours

For the Adventurous

Our Tenerife Quad Excursions are designed for the adventurous riders, and our guides will ensure your absolute safety!

Entry Level Quad Tours in Tenerife

Duration: 40min to 3hours Price: 55€ to 145€

Join us for a quad tour around the South Coast of Tenerife and we will do our best so you can fall in love with these vehicles

Lunch by the Quad

Duration: 3hours Price: 135€

Grow your appetite with a quad excursion around the heights of Costa Adeje and discover the Canarian cuisine for lunch

Adventure Quad Tours in Tenerife

Duration: 3hours to 5hours Price: 175€ to 30-€

Probably the ultimate quad excursions in Tenerife, you will be mesmerized by nature’s views and Canarian Cuisine. 

Full Day Quad Tours in Tenerife

Duration: +8 hours Price: 550€ to 750€

Get to know the island like a local! Rumble around secluded villages, ride off the beaten path and explore the local cuisine.

Quad Touring The Tenerife, a Glimpse at Heaven? (Yes).

So, you’re planning to take a Quad tour of the Tenerife. Great!

Let’s examine some things you can look forward to during your quad excursion

Meeting a soul-mate. Just kidding. However, you will fall in love with Mt. Teide. Known for being extremely freaking big, Mt. Teide is 3,718 metres tall (12,200 ft, for those of you who measure in body parts). Mt. Teide which is also a scary volcano is Spain’s highest point. Unlike most modern man, this Volcano is still active. In fact, it’s last eruption was in 1909! Will it erupt again in the near future?

Some people say, “Yes”. Ignore those people and enjoy your quad experience! Even if your life is at a low point, you’ll love this high point.

To the west of the Teide National Park, Pico Viejo offers unique crater views. In fact, if natural phallic formations are up your alley, then you’ll wanna take a seat on one of these. The rock formations of Roques de García include the famous Roque Cinchado column. Often called “Spain’s Erection” by some guy who hangs out around there sometimes, its loftiness and girth will leave any man feeling inadequate.

Some of our other popular Quad Excurions in Tenerife include the Pine Forest Quad Tour which goes on roads made out of lava rocks, cool, right? The Sunset Quad Tours, is a magical Quad Trip just right for the most romantic of our riders.

What are you waiting for?
Get over here already, we’re waiting for you to join us on our Quad Trip Tenerife!

Ride above the clouds!

Drive through virgin pine forests, lava fields, off the beaten tracks and secluded villages.

Once above the clouds you will enjoy endless views of the surrounding islands and ocean.

Taste the local cuisine

Selected Quad Tours will stop at some of our favorite restaurants where all riders will try dishes we have prepared lunch and dinner menus according to local Canarian cuisine traditions.

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