The 40min Quad Trip in Tenerife is part of the Entry Level Quad Excursions in Tenerife

This tour has a Duration of 40min and a price of 55€

You can join us for a quad tour around the South Coast of Tenerife and we will do our best so you can fall in love with these vehicles. 

Duration Distance
3hours 65km



40min Quad Tour Tenerife

You don’t have to get that far out to find some amazing views of Tenerife

We have prepared an introductory session with the Quad Vehicles around Costa Adeje

The 40min Quad Tour in Tenerife is designed as an initiation into the quad vehicle. It is a quad excursion during which you can pilot and enjoy the most of this off-road vehicle.

The itinerary goes around the hills of Costa Adeje part of it being off-road. We will adapt the Quad Trip to different routes with ascents, descents, tarmac and off-road according to the level and skill of the participants.

Prices Include

Riding Equipment

Helmets, Jackets & Gloves

Pick-up & Drop-off

Tenerife South Hotels

Pictures & Videos

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On-Route Refreshments & Snacks

For tours that include

About Quads4Fun

Quads4Fun is a Quad Adventure company in Tenerife that aims to offer riders exclusive access to remote trails, secluded vilages and off road terrain located in Tenerife.

We have put together 9 Quad Tours in Tenerife that combine gently graded forest trails with spectacular ocean scenery giving you a taste of the the wilderness of Tenerife at a slow speed comfortable for everyone!

Our Quad Excursions are a good adventure option for beginners as well as advanced riders. Some of our trips will take you through dense pine forests, off the beaten track and up into the mountains, passing lava fields and mighty volcanoes (Teide).

For the more experienced quad riders we have prepared more quality ride time with advanced terrain. Depending on the group and the level of the riders we will adapt the speed and route of our Tenerife quad trips.

We like to keep our quad tours small by having a group of maximum 5 quads to maximize the enjoyment of your Quad Adventure in Tenerife.

We are more than a Quad Tour Company and we would like to also offer a taste of what it’s all about on this island and the food is a big part of it. For this reason we have prepared a selection of dished in some of our favorite restaurants in Tenerife! Some of our Quad Trips will make a stop in some of these hidden gems.

Quads4fun Tenerife offers fully automatic Quad Vehicles (ATV’s) such as Polaris and Suzuki of at least 500cc well suitable for driver and passenger. We will provide you with everything you need for a safe and fun ATV adventure around Costa Adeje.

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Ride above the clouds!

Drive through virgin pine forests, lava fields, off the beaten tracks and secluded villages.

Once above the clouds you will enjoy endless views of the surrounding islands and ocean.

Taste the local cuisine

Selected Quad Tours will stop at some of our favorite restaurants where we have prepared lunch and dinner menus for the riders.