Experience the best quad tours in Tenerife to recharge during your holiday

Make it a memorable experience a take a Quad Tour in Tenerife

To make this a memorable experience taking a Quad Tour in Tenerife will provide you with a memorable experience that will cover a wide area of Teide National Park and Forest. With a Quad tour in Tenerife you will be amazed!

Who doesn’t love travelling? Traveling is something that you all should experience every now and then as it helps you meet new people, understand new and different cultures, get away from the stressful everyday life, and a lot more.

Are you planning a tour for one of the most visited islands in the world? What better way is there than to see Tenerife via its off the beaten paths and mountains using a quad vehicle. Taking the Quad Trip in Tenerife will offer the best-guided experience that promises to leave you satisfied.

While there are tons of beautiful places around the world but Tenerife is one place that always stands apart from the crowd. The Quad Safari Tenerife is a must-have experience as it contains a lot of thrills and adventure that you get in different parts of Tenerife.

Quad Tours Tenerife: Visit the best places in Tenerife and make it an amazing trip

The Quad trips to Tenerife will provide you with an abundance of thrills and beautiful moments. You must get in touch with us and we will help you get the most authentic experience and a close encounter with the most stunning views that this island has to offer.

Riding Equipment

Helmets, Jackets & Gloves

Pick-up & Drop-off

Tenerife South Hotels

Pictures & Videos

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On-Route Refreshments & Snacks

For tours that include

For an extra 10€/day you get extended insurance with a maximum liability of 1000euros.

For an extra 25€ (up to 4 people) we will pick-up and drop-off from Los Gigantes, Tenerife South Airport, El Medano, Las Galletas, Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf, Santiago del Teide, San Miguel de Abona areas
(FREE for reservations of 3 days or more)

For an extra 75€ (up to 4 people) we will pick-up and drop-off from Tenerife North Airport, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Puerto de la Cruz areas.

For an extra 10€ you can have your own GoPro Camera for the day so you can record your quad experience

Ocean Quad Tour

Enjoy a quad safari that will take you next to the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Discover abandoned fishing ports and try the authentic Canarian Tapas

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Forest Quad Tour

Join us for a Forest Quad Trip and let’s go off the beaten paths and explore the ins and outs of Tenerife through virgin pine forests and well above the clouds.

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Teide Quad Tour

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you’ve hear about it but you definitely didn’t explore it in the right way. We guarantee an unforgettable experience in the most visited park in Europe:)

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Duration: 40min to 3hours Price: 55€ to 145€

Lunch Tour by Quad

lunch included

Duration: 3hours Price: 135€

Duration: 3hours to 5hours Price: 175€ to 300€

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Ride above the clouds!

Drive through virgin pine forests, lava fields, off the beaten tracks and secluded villages. Once above the clouds you will enjoy endless views of the surrounding islands and ocean.

Taste the local cuisine

Selected Quad Tours will stop at some of our favorite restaurants where we have prepared lunch and dinner menus for the riders.