But seriously!
Our quad tours will help you see the beautiful Tenerife

Come and enjoy one of our various Quad routes in Tenerife

Looking to Quad Tour Tenerife for your next trip? That’s a great idea (according to us, the ones who can profit off it)!

But seriously!
Our quad tours will help you see the beautiful Tenerife

In ways you’ll never forget the gorgeous forestry and glimmering coastlines will create memories you and your loved ones will be looking back on for years to come.

Forestry makes up 11% of the Tenerife, and our professional tour guides will help you see the best of it (including Rural Park of Anaga, Benijo, Las Lagunetas, and other areas that are hard for tourists to pronounce).

If you love big things, you’re in for a real treat, as you’ll get to see the islands’ volcanoes, including Mt. Tiede, and Pico Viejo. Mt. Tiede is the highest point in Spain and is known for casting the largest sea shadow in the world. And the seas are plenty impressive as well.

The beaches are kept clean, and are near shops and restaurants. You can try kite surfing at El Médano (or die trying), then see black sand at Playa de la Arena. Why’s the sand black? From toxic waste. Just kidding, the sand consists of basalt (broken down volcanic rock).

You’ll get to see great Canarian architecture and culture. Did you know the Canary islands don’t get their names from birds, but rather the word “canaria”, which is Latin for dog. In other words, the Tenerife is man’s best friend.

Some other attractions in Tnerife, except the Quad Trips

They, include Loro Park (a zoo with a wide variety of animals and plants), The Roque Cinchado (a tall rock named after a volcano nearby), Siam Park (a Thai-themed water park, don’t worry the water isn’t spicy), Pyramids of Güímar (6 rectangular-pyramids built from lava stone, the Tenerife is obsessed with Volcanos, huh?).

So come enjoy one of our various Quad Tours in Tenerife to many villages, forests, coastlines, and more.

All for free (not actually)!

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On-Route Refreshments & Food

For tours that include

For an extra 10€/day you get extended insurance with a maximum liability of 1000euros.

For an extra 25€ (up to 4 people) we will pick-up and drop-off from Los Gigantes, Tenerife South Airport, El Medano, Las Galletas, Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf, Santiago del Teide, San Miguel de Abona areas
(FREE for reservations of 3 days or more)

For an extra 75€ (up to 4 people) we will pick-up and drop-off from Tenerife North Airport, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Puerto de la Cruz areas.

For an extra 10€ you can have your own GoPro Camera for the day so you can record your quad experience

Sunset Quad Tour

Ocean views, pine trees and villages will roll out as you are ride into the Sunset. We  call this tour the Romantic Quad Explorer because all riders will fall in love with nature 🙂

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Forest Quad Tour

Join us for a Forest Quad Trip and let’s go off the beaten paths and explore the ins and outs of Tenerife through virgin pine forests and well above the clouds.

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Teide Quad Tour

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you’ve hear about it but you definitely didn’t explore it in the right way. We guarantee an unforgettable experience in the most visited park in Europe:)

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Lunch Tour by Quad

Join us a typical Canarian lunch during the quad tour in our favorite restaurant far from the touristic areas; the menus are suitable for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

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Ocean Quad Tour

Enjoy a quad safari that will take you next to the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Discover abandoned fishing ports and try the authentic Canarian Tapas

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Coastal Quad Tour

Explore the secluded villages and fantastic ocean views of the Tenerife’s South Coast. After the quad experience we have prepared an authentic Canarian Tapas tasting menu.

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Duration: 40min to 3hours Price: 55€ to 145€

Lunch Tour by Quad

lunch included

Duration: 3hours Price: 135€

Duration: 3hours to 5hours Price: 175€ to 300€

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Ride above the clouds!

Drive through virgin pine forests, lava fields, off the beaten tracks and secluded villages. Once above the clouds you will enjoy endless views of the surrounding islands and ocean.

Taste the local cuisine

Selected Quad Tours will stop at some of our favorite restaurants where we have prepared lunch and dinner menus for the riders.